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  Garden Bonsai

The garden boinsai has become more popular during the last few years. Our garden bonsai are the answer to the needs of people inspired by the Oriental tradition, who want to grow the trees themselves outside in difficult climate conditions of Eastern Poland. In Grünland we carefully choose the trees to make bonsai. The plants are not only unique in their shape, but also have to come from a variety which is hardy enough to spend winters outside in a small container. 
Selected plants are shaped for years. After they’ve been sold, the new owner of the plant usually makes minor changes to its shape year by year as the trees grow. 
Apart from the garden bonsai the Nursery also offers trimmed conifers in a lot of shapes. Varieties we chose grow very well in pots and can be put outside public buidlings as well as on the balconies or terrases of private houses.