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The Landscape Garden Panorama of Olecko

Our love of nature has inspired us to create a garden with a rich collection of decorative plants. We’ve chosen a site with a difficult and picturesque terrain, comprising steep hills and deep valleys full of sun in summer and covered in deep snow in winters. Only the strongest and healthiest plants could thrive in such demanding conditions. These form the plant collection that we wish to present. 
Plants were chosen not solely according to their soil preferences, but also so that they form part of interesting compositions, which blossom and remain colourful and attractive all throughout the year. Indeed each season brings out new wonders and shows the garden in yet a different spectrum of colours. 

Our garden provides a house for numerous species of wild fauna. Those who are patient and look carefully can spot various toads and frogs, lizards, foxes, ermines, squirrels and hedgehogs. Different birds nest in the garden, others pass by - herons, cranes, swans and ducks; the last two species lured by the pond providing them with a convenient “landing place”. 

The name of our garden – “The Landscape Garden Panorama of Olecko” draws attention to both a unique and beautiful site where it is located as well as to the actual broad view of the town that spreads out at the foot of the garden. Those who get to the top of the highest hill in the garden can admire the view of the town and the charming view over the garden with its rich plants and winding paths. Those who get tired climbing up the hills can take a rest on one of the many benches.

After over ten years of efforts to create the garden we have now decided that time is ripe to open it for visitors. Visitors are welcome in organised groups of 10-12 persons and are kindly asked to contact us in advance.

With best regards,

Irena, Olga & Antoni Kopiczko

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