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We have considerable experience exporting plants to the countries of Eastern Europe. The nursery is located in a perfect place for customers from across the border. It only takes a few hours to transport our plants to the neighbouring countries.
We offer all the necessary help with obtaining the fitosanitary certificate and comlying with the customs formalities. 
The Nursery is located only about 50km away from the boarder with Lithuania, and a bit over 150km away from the border with Belarussia. In a few hours you can export the plants conveniently out of Poland. 
The nearest border crossings with Lithuania are in Budzisko 50 km away (for all types of cars, also the heavy vehicles) and Ogrodniki 60-70km away (for cars up to 3.5t). You can cross the border with Belarussia in KuĽnica Białostocka 160km away from Olecko (all types of cars allowed).