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 Nursery on the hills 

Grünland Nursery is located in one of the most picturesque regions of North Eastern Poland. The Nursery is situated on the hills. Very often our plants grow on the slopes exposed to sun and wind. Despite severe climate and soil conditions, Grünland offers a wide variety of plants. Natural habitats are used for cultivation of different plants and testing their hardiness. Juniperuses are grown successfully on the windswept hills. There is a collection of pinetrees and taxus bushes grown on the highest hill of the Nursery.
The moisture plots of land are used for plants that require more water such as willows, alnus and taxodia. At the places covered from the cold wind rhododendrons and azaleas grow and blossom beautifully every spring. In a natural pond you can find water plants. 
The mother plants cultivated at the Nursery are exposed to harsh climate, therefore the young material is also very hardy and copes well with low temperatures. Our clients are satisfied with the quality of plants and often are surprised to find such a variety of plants accustomed to a difficult climate.