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  Seasons of the year in Grunland 

The changes of temperature during the year are susprisingly high. In winter the temperature drops to – 35'C, in summer it goes up to an average of + 25'C, sometimes it reaches + 35'C. 
Varieties accustomed to severe climate grow very well in different regions of Poland and Eastern Europe. The Nursery has a remarkable experience adapting plants to difficult climate conditions. One of our first successes was adapting the vine imported from Hungary. We proud ourselves at the first vineyard in the North Eastern Poland. The vine plants – now 20 years old – survive winters without any covers. 

In Spring the Nursery is colourful due to a variety of bulb flowers, blossoming rhododendrons and azaleas. 
Summers are usually hot in Eastern Poland. Exotic yukkas bloom with snow-white flowers about as tall as a man. Yellow and dark red physocarpus, purple berberis and seledine stoloniferas are impressive. 
The Nursery changes its looks in autumn again. Now there is red nearly everywhere, on the leaves of rhus typhina, parthenocissus and the berries of the sorbus. At this time of year you can eat the grapes straght from the vine tree.

In winter all the plants are covered with snow, which at some places of the Nursery can reach up to your waist. Before Christmas the Nursery offers container grown Christmas trees. Conifers such as pinetrees, abies and picea in varieties can be bought for Christmas. Right after Christmas you can put your tree outside where it spends the rest of the winter and in spring your “Christmas tree” can be planted in the garden.